The BluePump Project for Africa

And broken water pumps do not solve water problems in Africa 

Aspirine relieves pain for a while, yes, but doesn't cure malaria. In a similar way, cheap fragile water pumps don't solve water problems when they break down all the time.

You can find such broken pumps all over Africa. Often made in India, cheap but do not last long. It is estimated that within 5 years, most of these fragile pumps are broken down and millions of people and children will be without clean and safe water. Meaning: more poverty, health problems and children die.

It is time for a real change.
People in Africa need long lasting pumps that do not break down all the time. It's time for a "Blue Revolution".

How to solve the "water crisis" in Africa?
The best answer to all these maintentenance problems is the BluePump. With its sturdy design and low-maintenance pumping system, it may take up to more than 10 years before some simple small parts need to be replaced.

The BluePump saves lives, saves money (no costly repairs) and works for a lifetime. BluePumps are for real and solve water problems every day.

Why are BluePump better?
The basic idea of the BluePump was not to design the cheapest pump, but to provide a water pump that would last for a lifetime at very low cost.

To start with, all materials used in the BluePump are made in The Netherlands; quality stainless steel and PVC. Dutch know about water and materials.

Secondly, the BluePump design itself is extreamly simple and strong. The unique selling point of the BluePumps is that there are no fast wearing parts. For instance, the piston has no seals that you find in traditional pumps, so there is nothing to be changed. Valves are from stainless steel and last a life time. Centralizers are floating and can be turned around to extend the life time to over 10 years. Etc.

Last but not least, the BluePump is distributed by BOODE B.V. one of the leading international Dutch companies for quality borehole equipement worldwide. BluePumps are therefore available worldwide on short term notice with the best service.

Service and ongoing Research & Development
FairWater teamed up with the best NGOs (e.g. like Oxfam Kenya) and premium companies in The Netherlands (e.g. like LMT) to develop the BluePump, to be reliable from 1 to 100m deep.

Over 1.000 BluePumps already in Africa and people are impressed by it's functionality. Installation and service is provided by trained regional mechanics with a reliable back-up of country dealers. Feed back from users is taken seriously to constant upgrade functionality and our service.




The most effective way to solve the "water crisis" in Africa is to replace broken pumps by durable BluePumps. Now people have affordable clean water.